Important announcement from Concept Feedback

Wednesday, March 9, 2016 | BY Srikant

Seven years since we began, we have a difficult announcement to make. Starting today we would be winding down the services of Concept Feedback and it will be fully retired by March 31, 2016. Over the coming weeks we would be restricting access to creating new concepts and posting reviews.

For all our existing community users, we understand that you would like to retain the insights you have derived from the community feedback. To do so, you can go to a concept and click on the "Export" option on the top right corner. This should enable you to download a PDF copy of the reviews posted on the concept for your future reference.

We enjoyed helping the community in creating and sharing ideas to optimize websites and hope Concept Feedback was helpful in the optimization journey for each one of you. We learnt a lot on how websites are optimized and how feedback from designers, marketers and optimizers can be translated into guaranteed conversion wins. We look forward to using this knowledge in making VWO a more powerful product and will keep you posted.

Thank you for being a valuable user of Concept Feedback. Please feel free to write to us @ if you need any help or if you have any queries.


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