VWO acquires Concept Feedback

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 | BY Siddharth Deswal

As you might know, we have been looking for a new owner for Concept Feedback for quite some time. Someone who can give it the time and attention it deserves. And today with great excitement, I wanted to let you know that Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) has acquired Concept Feedback.

VWO makes what is the world’s easiest A/B testing tool and I have known Paras Chopra, the founder and CEO of VWO, for over 3 years. So when he expressed desire to acquire Concept Feedback, it sounded like a great fit and here we are today. I want to thank all 26,000 of you who have been incredible in shaping up this great community and giving great feedback to the world over.

On that note, I wanted to hand it over to Paras to share his thoughts on the community going forward.

Note from Paras

I first came across Concept Feedback in 2010 when we got great feedback from the community on the design of the VWO homepage, and one of the users even sent us a mockup for a complete redesign. So it goes without saying that we at VWO are very excited to be acquiring this awesome community of 26,000+ expert designers.

Concept Feedback ties in well with what we've been working on for the past four years; helping marketers make website and landing page experiences that truly rock. Our users frequently ask for expert help on their designs, so what better than to introduce them to the Concept Feedback community.

Going forward we have many interesting plans, but rest assured the core of this community will stay intact. The Concept Feedback community will only blossom more from here and I really look forward to interacting with all of you.

Andrew and Paras.

NB - Here's the VentureBeat coverage.


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