Why Everyone Has The Feedback Process Backwards

Monday, January 24, 2011 | BY Andrew

If you're like most people (see below), you wait until after you launch your new website before asking people for feedback. If your intention is to get a few pats on the back, then this might be the right approach, but if you're honestly seeking ways to improve your website, increase conversion rates and see an ROI, then you need to change your process.

Get Feedback First

Don't wait until your website is live to start asking for feedback. In fact, it should be one of the first things you do. Before you start developing a spec, hiring a designer or writing a single line of code, go out and get outside feedback on your existing website. Or, if you're building a new website, get feedback on a simple sketch or wireframe.

Getting feedback after launch is usually an exercise in futility. The team in charge is so emotionally invested in the new design, that making changes based on post-launch feedback rarely happens. Not to mention the time and money you'll end up spending on changes, and in some cases, a complete overhaul.

An outside perspective can help you identify ways to improve your user experience, clarify your messaging and increase conversion rates. Moral of the story: get feedback, but make sure to get it early!

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