Need Input: Credits for All Concepts?

Thursday, June 10, 2010 | BY Andrew

We've received a few complaints lately that some members are abusing the system by writing short, 1-line reviews to meet the 5 review minimum to post a new concept. Instead of playing town sheriff and scolding users one-by-one, or deleting profiles, I think we have a better long-term solution.

Instead of providing a free concept after posting 5 reviews, every concept would need to be "purchased" using credits that are either earned (by winning credits for quality reviews) or paid for. Credits would be up for grabs on all concept types, and the number available would depend on the type of concept posted - Basic, Mainstream or Pro. The more credits you use to post, the more credits you will have available to award (which also means more reviews and activity). The new system would be based on merit, not just the number of reviews you post. In some cases, you might only need to give one or two reviews to earn enough credits to post a concept. For those members who don't care to take the time to provide quality reviews , they can always purchase credits.

All of this is in the name of improving the quality of our community, so what do you think? Does anyone have any alternatives to suggest? Please give us some feedback in the comments below. Thanks!


Michael Gunner said...

Great idea Andrew! I think this will work, it's better than any idea I had. Thank you for putting the time in for this :)

Patrick Niebrzydowski said...

I think this could work, so long as people are actually awarded credits.

Another option may be to just use the voting (i.e. 1 vote on a review = 1 credit), and premium concepts still work with awards and more credits, or something to that extent.

The only other solution I've really come up with is a minimum length, but that might be a little too restrictive and it's easy to write random BS words.

Anonymous said...

You could keep the free model after five reviews, but the reviews would need to be designated as helpful by the concept owner.

Andy E said...

I think you have the right idea, but as Patrick mentioned, concept owners need to reward reviewers not only with credits, but with votes as well. Unfortunately, I've seen a lot of great reviews that have not received a vote. In most of these cases, the concept owners even responded with thanks, etc.., but didn't take a moment to click on the vote to reward the reviewer. Perhaps some type of encouragement to do this would be beneficial to the site.

Thanks for continuing to improve this already awesome site!

Ido F said...

must i say that i do not like this at all. indeed 1 lined reviews are an issue however basing the entire site on money transfering amoung it's members will cause two main things
1. people will start focusing on the financial aspect of the site instead of the art/work aspect a thing which will remove the community feeling of the site and exchange it with a more "capitalist" feeling
2. less people will post things for having no credit and the amount of projects being uploaded will decrease

reshe said...

- keep the 5 review system.
- add a new voting system like "bad review" or something like that with the following functionality:
if you get 5 "bad review" votes it resets your review count to 0.

I will give you an example:
I have 3 reviews posted and the next review is "bad review" because I write "bla bla" just to have a new review. 5 users vote me as bad review and from 3 reviews counted I go to 0 and have to add another 5 good reviews to be able to post a concept.

Dan Pantinople said...

i dont agree with this, being free is one of the things that makes CF really GREAT, you see it GREATLY helped me to be a better designer.. not all of us has the money or the means to purchase credits.. it will surely lessen the number of visitors here because all is about money already. I dont wish to see CF like that..
yes, there might be spammers but surely there is another way for designers to post their concepts for free, how about instead of just 5 reviews you make it 5 or 10 THANKED reviews...

whereas the review can only be counted when it is THANKED by the designer..that way the people would post more sensible & constructive feedbacks rather than just one liners..

CF being free is mostly what drives people to give feedbacks, but surely even one liners can be very helpful..

The CF community is already great as it is even with the one liners, it has really helped new and old designers alike to improve their skills..

please dont make this all about money..

Andrew said...

@Dan - I think you may have misunderstood my post, concepts will still be free for those who are "thanked" (or awarded credits) by the concept host as you say. For those who do not care to write quality reviews, they can still purchase credits, but those members who wish to post for free can earn credits by reviewing concepts. They will also have the ability to post premium concepts assuming they earn enough credits.

Concept Feedback is, and will stay, committed to the community (which is why we will always have a free option). The community is what makes CF what it is. However, to continue improving the website and deliver a quality experience, it takes time and money to develop, which is why we are trying to come up with creative ways to generate revenue, ways that do not take away from the member experience.

Thanks for the comments!

JacksonCulverhouse said...

I like reshe's solution, or at least something similar. Sometimes, a review genuinely may need to be only one or two lines. If someone has submitted a really outstanding concept, my only response might be something like, "There is very little to change. Maybe try a more vibrant color in the text." It's not very often, but it does happen.

I think this can work if you allow the community to do the "policing" for you. Those who are genuinely committed to giving and receiving positive feedback will, I think, be more than happy to honestly assess whether a review is bad and will mark it accordingly.

To take it one step further, perhaps the site managers could keep track of users who are constantly receiving bad marks for reviews and either close their account or block them from posting until they achieve a higher total score.

abhishek said...

Frankly, I don't think this is a good idea- you will loose a lot of new visitors, they will visit - write a few reviews and then wait to get credited- and once credited, then again come back and post their concepts- i am sure, too many good people will leave in this whole process.

i know you are doing this to push people to buy credit instead and i see why, financial gain but again, i think that might backfire.

the beauty of this site- you visit now, post reviews now and then post your concepts now.. the moment you introduce a wait in between- you will loose.

and yes, why one liners are bad if they are to the point and could help.. "looks good, good job- keep it up" - i know they are too generic and bad.. but sometimes shorter meaningful feedback is more helpful.

Ivan said...

Well, I`m new here, but this sounds like a good idea. Maybe even if it is possible to have some "word counter". And on the basis of that principle of giving credit for as many words (for better and larger reviews) someone will get larger credit, ie. one point for a small brief review, two points for a comprehensive and quality review. Sorry for my bad english! :)

Glen said...

I'm a newbie as of about 10 minutes ago :-) but it seems like requiring a certain number of up-votes on a reviews would be a significant barrier to adoption. (I have not gotten my 5 credits by writing garbage, btw.)

If people are gaming the system a little in order to post their own concepts, that's still a positive contribution adding value to the site, right?

Andrew said...

@Jackson - I agree, there is nothing wrong with a short, constructive comment, and that is not what we're trying to prevent.

@abhishek - Agreed, waiting for awarded credits is not ideal, but it does require people to be invested in the site before they take advantage of the free service. We are discussing ways to speed up the credit process.

@Ivan - We thought about a "counter", but I think it might be too restrictive.

@Glen - Point taken. Barriers are not what we want, but I do believe that offering credits on all concepts will not only improve the quality of concepts (b/c they are more difficult to post), but also give more reviews to free concepts since there will be credits available to earn.

@ALL - We are still discussing all of these ideas internally and have yet to come up with an ideal solution, so please keep sharing your thoughts and ideas. Thanks for all the great feedback so far!

rorschach design said...

Just joined today, I have posted 3 reviews, as currently I cannot afford the paid versions. I also want to see what kind of feedback I get, and should I receive feedback that helps me better my designs, I will probably happily pay.

I don't even entirely understand the system yet, but feedback is something that is so crucial to any design that I'll happily review concepts in the hope of making the designs better, or providing that different perspective that can be so very helpful when you've been holed up working on a design for weeks or months.

I think that @reshe's solution is perfect. It guarantees (or almost) that their is engagement between concpet poster, and concept reviewer.

If you're just trying to get yr credits to post and get called out, it's either going to thin the crowd out of people who have no interest in being part of the community, or it will be the little kick start they need to start taking an active part in the community, thus building a stronger community.

Ivan said...

I must admit that I`m one of the users who also using option of posting my concept for 5 reviews, but after a while I have realized that while I`m reviewing someone`s concept I`m also learning something, and if someone find my comment useful that is also a confirmation for me that I`m thinking in a right way (generally for me that is almost like I have posted my concept and someone has liked it). But as someone from good people from this blog sad it should not be heavy to response (as a concept holder) to someone`s review (if reviewers have time and will to help you with your concept, than in a respect to that reviewer you should take time to click that you find that review useful).
- Try to add a "dislike" option(to scare a bad reviewers)
- Add a prise for a good reviewers (not just free concept for 5 reviews) who give 20 or 30 reviews which someone finds useful!
P.s.: I have just read that someone has already suggested the same thing as me earlier. Sorry........... :(

Scoremore said...

sounds good idea and very interesting.surely many of the members will go for it.and made more credit to post for them to gain more credits award.i just hope this system will work out and surely it will...thanks for sharing this.

Scoremore said...

i guess this is a good idea the more credits you use to post, the more credits you will have available to award,i'm pretty sure there are members will go for it.I liked your blog it’s very interesting, your information had helped me very much, Please keep on posting the related information regarding this Article.

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