10 Reasons You Should Give Feedback

Monday, June 7, 2010 | BY Andrew

Getting feedback on your own design is exciting and rewarding, but don't overlook the benefits of giving it. Giving feedback requires you to think critically about design, usability and strategy, which improves not only the work of the person you're helping, but your own as well.

1. Identify your areas of strength and weakness
2. Expose yourself to new perspectives
3. Find inspiration
4. Practice giving constructive criticism
5. Network and build new relationships
6. Hone your skills and technique
7. Develop an online presence
8. Increase your reputation
9. Get a warm, fuzzy feeling from helping others
10. Become an Elite member on Concept Feedback!


Az Creative said...

Ha Ha... I try to give the right feedback, and I am still only at superior... it seems I am always, trying to become an elite, just to fall short...

Nevermind, I do enjoy helping others where I can...

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The reason why feedback is essential to business is because we can learn from it and become better.

write my essay said...

I would say that feedback is more beneficial for those who receive it rather than for the "giver"( except the cases when one wants to improve some service for personal comfort) as feedback often shows a right way of development , it provides a portion of objectivity on the condition that it is impartial

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