Why You Should Share Your Ideas

Monday, May 10, 2010 | BY Andrew

People are paranoid about sharing their ideas. I was the same way once, thinking that others will steal them or rip them off. It's understandable on the surface, but when you get right down to it, there is no basis for it.

People hijack websites and logo designs everyday (compare Typekit to the new Fonts.com web font service or read about MetaLab's Mozilla fiasco), so why go to such great lengths to keep it Top Secret during development?

Or maybe, you're worried about getting ripped apart, laughed at or criticized. Unfortunately, that's the nature of feedback - some people will be rude and condescending, while others will be encouraging and constructive.

If you keep everything in your head, you might hold copycats at bay (for a time) and avoid a bruised ego, but you also bypass the incredibly useful suggestions and advice that other people have to offer.


Az Creative said...

I totally agree... I have had an issue in the past with negative feedback towards my concepts not just on here but also from clients. However what I have learnt to do with feedback is analyse it, some people aren't that great and giving it so therefore you have to look at what they are trying to tell you and use all feedback whether it be negative or positive and use it in the most positive way you can.

Andrew said...

That's a great perspective. Getting over that initial sting of negative criticism can be tough, but once you get past it and are able to take an objective look at things, you can usually find some constructive takeaways. I wrote a more lengthy article on design criticism for Smashing Magazine a while back if you're interested.

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The straightforward truth is that numerous individuals are excessively lethargic, making it impossible to take your thought. They won't likely require the push to attempt to reproduce your endeavor.

I've heard a ton of incredible ideas for new companies. I attempt to work with and help the ones I truly enjoyed. I don't attempt to take those thoughts and make them my own. First off, I have an excess of else on my plate to stress over taking another person's thought. I think this is valid for a great many people.

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