Increasing Conversions with a Website Review

Tuesday, March 9, 2010 | BY Andrew

The other day, I wrote an article for Six Revisions entitled "How to Increase Conversions on Any Website in 45 Minutes". The article walks through, step-by-step, how to:

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  1. Select the page on your website where you can have the greatest impact
  2. Use free (or cheap) website review tools to determine which areas on the page need the most attention
  3. Define the top 3 items from your research and implement the changes
  4. Split test your new page, rinse and repeat

And all of this, if you're quick, in 45 minutes. If you want the full story, you can read it here.

One of the ongoing themes behind Concept Feedback, is providing a place where users can get quick, actionable feedback on websites. We believe that by fostering a community of constructive criticism and new ideas, web designers, developers and marketers will be able to get the qualitative insight they need to improve their websites. Hopefully you have found this experience to be true here with your own website review. If not, please let us know how we can improve!


Anonymous said...

Just a heads up - the text all the way down the right side of this article is cut off... and the article is about 2 inches wide.

Anonymous said...

Umm, I agree with Anonymous, what's with the formatting????

Andrew said...

Sorry for the hassle - we just released an update last night which obviously had a negative effect on our blog. Should be resolved shortly. Thanks for the heads up!

Laura Burger said...

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Kelly Aniston said...

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