Providing Better Website Feedback

Monday, February 15, 2010 | BY Andrew

I've been thinking a lot lately about how we can provide better website feedback to our members. How can we go beyond what we have already to give users the targeted, actionable reviews they're looking for? I'm far from coming up with an answer, but these are some of the things percolating in the back of my mind:

  • Demographic Targeting - Giving users the ability to invite reviewers in their target market (young adults, web designers, church pastors, etc.).
  • Markup Tools - Giving reviewers the tools they need to make notes, draw shapes and markup the concept.
  • Improved Reputation Scores - Updating our reputation score logic so a member's score is more reflective of his or her ability and knowledge, than length of membership and participation level (this update is in the works).
  • Incentives for Quality Reviews - Providing an incentive, whether it be monetary or otherwise, to help elicit the best quality feedback possible.

Fortunately, we're already on the right path with a growing, active community that consistently provides quality feedback. But what do you think? What ideas do you have to make Concept Feedback indispensable for website design review?


Anonymous said...

I think these are great ideas!

One thing I would really like is to decrease the number of people who abuse the system by just copying/pasting feedback on various concepts in order to meet their minimum number of reviews (I've seen this happen a few times since I've joined). Perhaps the incentive idea would help. Another option would be to have a "report" button for the comment that would cause it to become unpublished after so many people have clicked on it.

The improved reputation scores idea is also intriguing - I'll be excited to see how that works :)

Anonymous said...

Leave it as is! It works don't fix it. The answer can be found in subtlety. I do prefer the Concepts page as the home page, I can go digging straight away and get a good idea of what your site is all about.

Andrew said...

Thanks for the feedback. I agree, a "report" button is something we've had on the list for a while - the question is how to implement it cleanly. Ideally it would be automated, so a review would be removed, and reputation would be reduced if a user were abusing the system.

Comment #2 - I understand what you are saying about the Concepts page, however, I want to make sure people understand the goal of the site as soon as they get there (which is why we added the landing page). I don't people to assume we are another gallery site, which is the impression most people get when they see the concepts page - we are all about quick, actionable feedback.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!

Joe Mulberry said...

Loving the site so far! Big pat on the back to you and it has really helped me with my design process and getting the little details right.

I would like to see the implementation of a more intricate reputation scoring system.

When people review my concept I firstly try and work out if their opinion is worth listening to if it goes against my gut feeling. Currently I do this by checking the reputation points but often look at their concepts and sometimes their other reviews. All in all this takes me a few minutes but I would prefer it if I could see the following:

% of their reviews that have been voted up
% of their reviews that have been voted down
Number of times their concepts that been voted up
Number of times their concepts that been favourited.

I would also like the option for concept authors to vote on reviews/users that have actually helped them improve their design. A way of highlighting users that add to the creative process. I think this would encourage reviewers to provide actionable feedback and be patted on the back for provided actionable feedback that has helped the design progress.

and finally! I am torn between creating a new concept or replacing my image when i make slight changes.. if i add a new image then i am worried people will review old design as well. Also reviews become outdated when I change images. but if i create a new concept then i lose the reviews and the favourites, the views, etc and have to start building up the street cred of the design once again. I would love to see a way of progressing the design slightly and that being kept track of without having to create a new concept.

and finally finally...... is there a way of making the automated tweets when a concept reaches 3 favourites to be more personal? maybe a randomised intro to each tweet from a selection of a intros like "wow! check this one:" "this one is starting to get some love" etc (maybe not as cheesy as mine but you get the idea) ??

finally finally finally promote this blog more!

Andrew said...

Hi Joe,

All great comments, thank you! Most of them are already coded and will be released in the next week or so. The items that aren't are now under consideration. Keep checking back - we appreciate the feedback!


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