Hungry for Feedback!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010 | BY Aurimas A,

I just posted some mockups of the new version of CF we're building in our underground labs (sickly greenish cubicles). Check out some of the features and give us feedback.
  • We would like to shift focus slightly so the site is not only helpful to designers but to marketers also. The value of the Premium Concept will be increased and will be made more appealing to people who just want feedback, and not necessarily are designers and contributors of the site.
  • The premium concept will now allow YOU to get paid for high quality reviews. We are planning to allow the Premium Concept owners to "award" the 3 most helpful reviews. Each reward point is $1 dollar. As soon as you collect 10 - you can withdraw via Pay Pal.
  • This will generate high quality reviews and will reimburse you for the time spent. We really want to ignore all those "OMG THIS IS GREEEAT" reviews. Remember - we're concept feedback, not concept praise.
  • The reputation of a user will be tweaked, also. We're planning to introduce a slightly more complex formula to calculate the "quality" of a member. We want to isolate the top design talent on the site and grant them elite status. Only a limited amount of slots will be available at any given time, and there will be privileges for these members. Quality both of feedback and concepts will play a key role in determining the rankings.
  • Premium concepts will have reporting for views, feedback, and votes.
  • Premium concepts will have PDF export capabilities so that you could create an actionable plan of revision and use it as a document for your concept.
  • Creative Commons will be implemented
  • We are going to introduce a marketplace where you will be able to market yourself and your services.
  • Premium profiles will be introduced and will allow you to set up a portfolio of sorts. This will also expose you better in the marketplace and generate leads.

These are just some of the many features we have brewing in the pipes. Our goal is simple: improve the service, create value for people who want to spend money and get more exposure, and improve the tools which you can use for free and advance your craft.

Happy New Year to all of you from the team at CF!


Ed said...

I just found your site today and will definately go for the premium service to get reviews for my e-commerce site. My only thought at this point is, you're not charging enough! If you can deliver around 10 well written reviews from your top reviewers, charge at least $30. If someone can't afford that then they don't see the value.

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